New Students


Welcome, you can sign up for your class online, pay with card, cash or check at the door.

Our class descriptions page will help you choose the best class for you. Iyengar Yoga encompasses different levels of intensity. If the class seems too easy or hard, please ask the teacher what class would be a better fit. 

Give yourself time to arrive 10 minutes early to register, change, and set up for class so that you don’t miss any of your yoga practice. If you are late, the teacher will welcome you.

It does not feel good to practice yoga with a full stomach. If you do need a snack before class, try something light.

Come to class well hydrated. Water is contraindicated during practice.

All mats and props are provided.

Please make sure to turn your cell phone on silent.

Wear form-fitting outfits so the teacher will be able to see your poses. Wearing layers is good too, so you can stay warm in the resting poses. Yoga is practiced barefoot. 

Students are encouraged to attend class once or twice a week. We provide a practice sheet to guide students at home. An inexpensive annual membership is available to practice at IYCU and avoid home distractions.

If you have injuries or illnesses, are menstruating or pregnant, please let the teacher know before class so she or he can help you. Notify the teacher if you have to leave early so they can guide you in an appropriate last pose.

Please contact us if we can help in any way.